Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snow blower woes

We knew that the snow was coming.  I guess you don't need to be an Einstein to know that snow is going to fall in Michigan in the winter.  Two days ago R made sure the snow blower was prepped and ready to go.  The snow blower started right problem.....let it snow.

Well it snowed.  R bundled up and went into the garage to start the snow blower and it wouldn't start.  Yup that's right.  Two days ago ran like a top.  Today nothing.  R pulled the plug because with these two stroke engines, the plug can easily get fouled.  He said it looked like a cobweb across the electrode.  He blew it off and reinstalled it.   He wasn't expecting much but what the heck.

Our blower has an electric start.  It uses a heavy duty extension cord rather than a battery to start the blower.  This is actually great because batteries go dead and in extreme cold they don't turn over a cold engine very well.  R hit the start button and it started right up.  Whew...dodged a bullet there.

So after thawing out, we got another late start.  R worked on the ceiling and I worked on the paint scraping.  My paint scraping is moving along fairly fast.  This area isn't uncovering anything unexpected.  Of course I found another switch box and where there was once a sconce.  But the paint is coming off without much trouble.