Sunday, December 1, 2013


I was beginning to think I was never going to finish the paint scraping above the window.  It was so rewarding to sweep up those paint chips. Excuse the blurry photo.

If you are wondering about those white stripes, they are where they (whoever installed the original forced air heat) cut out the original plaster and inserted the heat ducts.  The patch job is horrendous.  It doesn't match the texture and is a very soft material like plaster of Paris or drywall compound.  I'm leaving it for the plaster guy because I'm sure he has a tool to remove that material faster than I can do it.

You may also notice that some of the base board is white.  Well, that is where they (see above for who they are) removed the original base board and replaced with pine boards (with knots) that doesn't match the original fir nor is it the same profile.  The original base board has a rounded radius on the top and the pine board just has the sharp 90 degree edge.

We have two options.  The first is to try and find more of the vintage base board but that might be difficult because we need to replace all the dining room base board, too.  The second option is to replace with new poplar boards and put the correct radius on the top.  Poplar paints nicely and all of our trim will be white.  Before anyone freaks out.  I know for a fact that the dining room was always painted.  I prefer my trim to be the same throughout the house and the dining room and living room share a large doorway.  I think painting one side and staining the other side would look iffy. My floors are going to be dark along with my doors so I think a little white is needed.

We worked on the leg supports for the seat in the mud room.  A little more sanding is needed and we will be ready to install the center support.  Each end will also have a support but that support will be half the width of the center support.

On the agenda for tomorrow (Sunday) is to try and scrape the paint all the way to the corner.  In the mud room, we hope to get the center support installed and the end supports built and sanded.

Money spent today.

Zero $0.00