Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mud room done...

...for now.

The bench seat is finished and all the small trim has been installed.  We are very pleased with how it looks, even though we know it will look better when the entire room is painted white.
R installed cross bracing for added support but I failed to capture that exciting moment with a photo.

The wood used to build the bench came entirely from our wood pile except for the small trim pieces that I have already accounted for in a previous post.

We still need to sand, prime, and paint but that will have to wait until spring when we can open the windows for ventilation.  The floors have had a preliminary sanding and will need another sanding and staining.  This, too, will happen in the spring.

I have ordered 4 vintage coat hooks from a seller in the UK and I have also purchased a vintage handpainted glass shade to use with a vintage cast iron ceiling fixture that I already own.

R installed the vintage wood door stop that I purchased for $8.00 on eBay.  It looks perfect in the mud room and will keep the heavy oak door from hitting the window sill.

It might just be me but that door stop reminds me of a......never mind.

We already purchased a black metal shop bell for the kitchen door.  R might install that tomorrow if we have time and can find two appropriate screws.  I think the sound of it ringing when the door is opened will be charming or maybe annoying.....I'll get back with you in a year or so about it charmness.

I was only able to scrape an area of 2 ft by 2 ft in the living room.  The paint scraping will be slow during the month of December.  Tomorrow (if it doesn't rain) we head to the Lowe's to buy bead board paneling for the ceiling in the kitchen.  Installation will be a two person job so I will have my heat gun toting hand busy with bead board paneling.

Money spent today

Vintage wood door stop     $8.00

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  1. We have a whole collection of pictures of things that look like, well, you know...for instance a cookie that melted into that form in the oven...a hair ball from our kitty - LOL!


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