Monday, December 2, 2013

Rounding the corner

Yeeessss....I finally rounded the corner in the living room paint scraping.  I know that I still have over 1/2 of the living room to scrape but it was nice to have an entire wall completed.  I'm also looking forward to standing on the floor and not on a ladder to scrape paint.
We also did a little rounding of the corner in the mud room project.  All the edges in the kitchen in mud room are rounded, so we needed to round over the edges of the seat supports that we cut out.
All the parts are ready to be installed on Monday including the small cove molding and small square molding that goes into the corners.

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  1. Do you have a home salvage store near by where they sell items salvaged from old houses (tubs, windows and such)? Perhaps they would have the same baseboard. A local wood mill might be able to cut the same or close to the baseboard that you have now as well. If you're going to paint it no one will ever know that it's not original. Nice work.


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