Friday, December 6, 2013

The coat hooks have arrived....

all the way from the U.K.

I priced a lot of coat hooks before buying.  Of course we wanted something vintage or vintage looking and we needed 4 hooks.  Originally I thought 5, but when we measured the space they were too close.

Whenever I'm looking for vintage, I of course, go to eBay and Etsy.  Since I have a shop on Etsy, I went there first.  I faved a few but nothing grabbed me so I headed to eBay.  The selection on eBay was huge.  I immediately ruled out the fancy Victorian hooks.  As pretty as they are, they are not correct for our style or age of home.  I needed something simple but not like the coat hooks that can still be bought today.

I finally spotted a hook that I loved but I thought "too bad it has that raised initial cast into it."  I looked around some more but nothing caught my eye like the hooks with the raised letter. So I went back and looked at them again.  It was at that time, that I noticed the seller offered hooks with other initials. I couldn't believe it when I realized that he had our first initials....J and R.

The seller is in the U.K. so I thought it would take between 4 and 6 weeks before they arrived. Imagine my surprise when they were delivered in less than 2 weeks.  The seller included the correct slotted wood screws and there was even an extra screw.

R had to do a lawnmower/snow blower swap today.  Unfortunately, here in the north, you are only prepared for winter if your snow blower is parked in your garage ready to go OR your lawn tractor has the snow blade and chains on the tires.  Pity the northerner who enters into the month of December not prepared for snow.  That person is just tempting the snow gods to dump 10 inches of snow on his driveway during the night when he has to be at work at 8AM.

So we really didn't have time to get a lot done today.  It's those days that we do little jobs like install the hooks AND install the shop bell on the kitchen door.  I purchased the shop bell several years ago on eBay for $24.99 plus $5.00 for shipping.  It was bent but the bell was in good condition and the clapper was still intact.  I straightened the bracket portion but the hard part was finding two round headed small slotted screws to use.  We've accumulated 1,000's of screws. It must have taken me an hour to go through the screws and find two that matched and were the correct size and type.

We really like the look of the hooks and our shop bell and we think once the mud room is painted bright white they will look even better.

Today's cost

4 coat hooks purchased on eBay $25.15
1 shop bell purchased on eBay $29.99

Total spent $55.14

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