Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ceiling trim and staircase update

We finished the ceiling install on the small section of the ceiling.  Of course we still need to fill nail holes, sand, and caulk.  We like the look and we know it will look much better painted.
Unfortunately, we only had one 1X4 left so we needed to make a lumber run today along with several other errands.  But it was glorious today.  The temperature was 47 degrees!!!  Holy moly it was tropical compared to what we have been experiencing this winter.  Normally we have a January thaw which is like a snow reset button.  During a January thaw you get rid of all the snow and start over but this year it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing.  It will take some time to get rid of all this formally white now brown stuff.

I didn't do any paint scraping today and my wrists were grateful for the rest.  Working while standing on pie shaped treads is iffy at best.  So far I have only tripped once but I have to keep checking my footing.  Some sort of scaffolding or ladders will be needed for the top half of the walls but for now I am just concentrating on the area that I can reach.