Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vintage Style Door Knocker

We are still scraping paint in the staircase and framing in the door in the kitchen.  So instead of showing you half scraped walls and photos of 2X4 studs, I'll give you a peek at a door knocker I scored on eBay.

Our front door has a large wrought iron and hand hammered door knocker that matches the hand hammered iron decorative straps.  This is a look that is found through out the house.  I rarely see items that match these pieces but on occasion I'll search eBay and see if anything pops up.

Imagine my surprise when a smaller and newer version of the door knocker was listed for sale with the matching door bell button.  I was thrilled because the door bell button I purchased has a Victorian look but it was the only doorbell button that didn't look plain or modern in styling.

The door knocker will work perfect on the dutch door that leads to the back yard.  This door is exactly like our front door except it is narrower (our front door is 40 inches wide) and it is a Dutch door.  The door has the decorative straps and decorative wrought iron handle but it didn't have a door knocker.  Well, it does now!  Several years ago I sandblasted the decorative straps and the door knocker.  This removed the many many layers of paint that obscured the hammered details.
The dusty door knocker on the right is the original front door knocker.  The door knocker and doorbell button on the left are the new eBay purchases.  The knocker is smaller but I think that is appropriate for a back door.

On the weather front it is still very cold but the snow is slowly melting which is better than a big two day melt and resulting flash flooding.