Monday, March 10, 2014

Leftover scrap lumber

We finished the ceiling trim in the mudroom and that is when we had the bright idea to use the 3/4 in square piece that we cut off half of the 1X4 boards.  No waste at Gear Acres.
Can you see the small square trim?

Maybe a closer view.  Can you see it now?
It is very difficult to photograph a ceiling in a small room.  Of course there are a bazillion nail holes to fill and sand but that will happen when we prep for priming and paint.

Today we started the ceiling trim on the large part of the kitchen.  Before we nailed the bead board plywood to the ceiling we spent quite a lot of time trying to level out the ceiling by adding furring strips to the ceiling joists.  Originally the ceiling was plaster on wire mesh so it wasn't necessary to have it perfectly level because the finish plaster would take care of any high and low spots.  The reason we removed the kitchen ceiling is because they (previous owners) at some point glued drywall on to the ceiling.  Yup, it looked as bad as it sounds.
Oh boy.....angle is a different. That's where we called it quits. All this looking up has given both of us a pain in our necks or PION for those of you who like acronyms.