Friday, March 21, 2014

Who kidnapped my husband......

......and replaced him with a look a like who didn't fight me on removing the door.

We closed off the door to the future game room and R was surprisingly for it.  But what sealed the deal was after we were finished he said, "You were right, it does give you more wall space and it looks better."  Holy moly...he said I was right and I didn't even have to pry it out of him.

R never throws ANYTHING away and this was one of those times when it came in handy.  We pawed through our stack (huge mess of a pile) of old tongue and groove boards and we found just enough to complete the project.  It was close and some of the boards will require a lot of sanding and maybe even a little filler here and there but after it is all primed and painted no one will ever know.

Door closed off
Once the door was closed off, we could get back to installing our ceiling trim.   AND again R surprised me when he said "You were right.  The trim is really looking good."  Say what???  What in the world is going on.  I was right twice in one day.  Either I am brilliant or he is up to something.  Last time he was this agreeable, without my knowing it, I became part owner of a race car.

In between looking for boards, taking a stress test, R going to the dentist for a new crown, and taking the rear tine rototiller in for a new starter and tune up.......I scraped more paint up on the landing.  I found that the door trim, base boards, and doors were always painted and never stained or shellacked.  But I did run across some trim that had only 2 layers of paint.....the pink color and the flat white. photo...dead batteries.

Tomorrow will require a lumber run to get more 1X4 for the ceiling trim.  I'm also looking at wood shelf brackets for our open shelving that will go above the counter and cabinets on the left side in the photo above. We agreed that 3 shelves would work best.  That area will be my baking center.

On the weather's spring....some where......not here.  Some of our snow has melted but we only had a high of 34 degrees today.  All the broken branches are now visible and not hidden by the snow.  There are a lot of broken branches to pick up.

I've also noticed that we were not the only one with mail box damage due to the snow plow.  A short drive around the neighborhood and you will see many a leaning and missing mail box.  The force of the snow was just too much for the vast majority of mail boxes.  Now would be a good time to be in the mail box post installation business.