Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I want to eliminate a door.... the kitchen.  We currently have 5 openings and 3 have doors in the kitchen and I really think that is too many. Two years ago I removed the door because opening a door while standing on a shallow step is very awkward.  Now I want to eliminate the opening......wish me luck.

I need wall space and by removing the doorway going to the future game room it would open up a large area of wall.  I have never liked this opening.  It's a step up and the step is small.  The future game room has it's fair share of doors so one less would help the layout of that room, too.

I'm sure that I will be happy with the opening eliminated.  The only problem is R.  I haven't mentioned it to him, yet.  I've mentioned it to other people in his presence but he is highly proficient when it comes to selective hearing.

So tomorrow I think I'll spring the news on him.  I think we have enough old tongue and groove knotty pine and old 2X4's for framing so it should be a zero cost project.  He'll like that.  But I know that he is not going to be happy....until it's done and he can see that it looks better removed.

He doesn't like change.  That's not true.  He doesn't like changing.  Once the change has happened, he's fine.

Today we finished adding the small square trim piece to the small ceiling area.  We then continued on to those angle cuts which was slow going but looks good.

The weather was great today and 47 degrees seemed tropical.  Unfortunately, we have snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning.  It's 36 degrees right now at 1230am.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a rain event but I just looked at the regional map and all I see is freezing rain on the map in the Chicago area heading NE.  I would rather have snow than freezing rain because I already have enough ice damage to clean up this spring.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we get rain and that R says "sounds like a great idea." when I spring the doorway removal on him.   Wishful thinking.