Saturday, March 15, 2014

Door opening removal.....

.....started today.  I was really surprised at R's reaction.  He asked why and I gave him all my reasons.

#1 Need wall space.
#2 Already have too many doors in the kitchen.
#3 Step is too small.
#4 Game room has too many doors.

He said, OK and I grabbed a Wonder bar and started removing trim before he changed his mind.

Our plan is to get it framed in tomorrow but we first have to remove the step. Maybe on Sunday, if we don't run into any problems with the step removal, we can install the knotty pine pieces.  It will take us an hour or so to move lumber and find the knotty pine pieces.  Our inside the house lumber pile is a mess. We've been playing out of it all winter and there is no rhyme or reason for how the boards are stacked. Stacked isn't the correct word.....maybe more liked jumbled up mess.

No photos of the demo because I didn't want to give R time to change his mind and demo is demo.  Here's a recap. There was bent nails and broken trim. We took our time with the trim in the soon to be game room because we can use it to replace broken trim elsewhere.

I was able to see all the different colors that the kitchen has been painted over the years before they installed the knotty pine. I tried to match the original green color to my green color samples.  The colors that I am favoring right now are very close to the old color.  Believe it or not at one time the trim was painted navy.

This photo shows how far I have scraped paint in the staircase.