Monday, March 31, 2014

Just like new....well almost

We spent the last couple of days taking care of several small tedious projects that although small they seem to take all day.

First tedious project was to remove the trim around the door leading to the soon to be laundry room where the swinging door will be installed with the ball tipped swinging hardware.  Also needing removal was the adjacent trim that frame the doorway leading to the dining room.

Both of these tasks were the result of the original installation being woefully poorly executed as looked awful.  The pieces were cut short and uneven.  R took care of this while I grabbed the heat gun and stripped the swinging door.

Halfway through the afternoon R started to remove the baseboard and loosen the door jamb.  Seems the door jamb was crooked and the baseboard needed to be trimmed on the backside so that the door casing laid flush.  One thing leads to another.

Finished door trim
I finished up with the door just about the time R finished his project.  The door is now ready for a good sanding and patching where the old swinging door hardware was mortised into both the top and the bottom. R took a quick look and said he will add a wood patch and then fill the small holes and seams from the patch with filler.

Door stripped
Notice the damage to the top and bottom of the door.

R then went over to our son's house to use his sandblaster to sandblast the swinging door hardware. It's now ready for primer and black satin paint.

Pre sand blasted hinges

Sandblasted hinges that are ready for paint
Tomorrow it is suppose to get to 55 degrees.  On the news they said it was 5 months since it has been that warm.  55 degrees is not normally called warm but we will take it.

On the agenda is picking up downed tree limbs while we listen to the Deeeeeeeeeetroit Tigers on the radio.