Monday, August 4, 2014

Solar post side lights by Veranda to illuminate my address

Generally speaking, people have a hard time finding my house.   Ninety percent of those people are going too fast and not paying attention. The other 10% just do not see our address on the mail box post.  One night when I was out by the mailbox after dark, I realized it is very very dark out there at night and this could cause a problem in an emergency.

Then I ran across these solar down lights for $9.99 at Home Depot.  10 bucks is really affordable and if it will help at least one person find our house at night, it will be worth it. They are called solar post side lights and are made by Veranda.

The solar panels on these little down lights charge a rechargeable battery and gives an estimated time span of 8 hours before needing another charge.  So during the dead of winter you will have a handful of hours without any illumination.

The lights came with a template.  Do not bother with the template and make your own template that is the entire shape of the down light.  I really don't know what they were thinking when they came up with that template.

We chose to place our lights right above the address numbers which are finished with reflective paint.  Our mailbox post is black vinyl so I chose the black down lights but they also are available in white.

Tools needed are a sharp knife to cut the packaging, paper and pen to make a better template, a Phillips screwdriver, and if you are screwing into vinyl like we did you will need a small nail and a hammer to pierce the vinyl so the screw can be installed.

Time minus the packaging opening and the template making.....10 minutes, 15 minutes tops.