Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blueberries in the Landscape

We planted two varieties of blueberries today in keeping with our plan to add edible landscaping whenever possible.  I purchased these bushes earlier in the season before I really needed them just to make sure they were not sold out at a later date.

The varieties we chose were Jelly Bean (2)and Blue Crop (3).  We amended the soil by removing the current clay based soil in the 2 ft by 2 ft holes that we dug for each plant.  The new holes were filled with 75% top soil, 20% peat moss, and a tad of composted manure. We purchased these bags at the end of last summer for a buck a bag. 

The removed dirt was used to fill ruts in the yard.  We have been filling holes in the yard since 2004 and we haven't even made a dent in leveling out the lawn.  How the holes/ruts got there are unknown but there is nothing worse than walking along and unexpectedly stepping in one of these holes.  

I don't expect a large crop of  blueberries this year but there are berries on the bushes right now.  We will see if the birds get them before we do.
Vaccinium C. Jelly Bean
We place all of our bird baths on either a patio slab or in this case a 4 inch thick concrete round buried so it was flush at ground level.  This helps keep the bird bath from sinking or leaning.  Plus I think it helps in the winter to keep the bird bath base dry when below freezing temps hit our area.  

This birdbath was purchase during the concrete lawn ornament buying binge that my sister and I indulged in earlier in the spring. When I purchased it, I really had no idea where I was going to use it but it was cheap inexpensive (20 bucks) so I couldn't resist. 
Once the painting is completed on this side we will finish off the bed with river rock. This keeps the dirt from splashing onto the siding and unlike mulch you do it once and that's it.

Since rain was in the forecast I decided against any painting and opted for more weed pulling in the hosta beds.  The hostas around the garden shed are starting to take off.  These were all small one division plants that I ordered off the Internet.  Next year they will really start showing their stuff.  I can only see one plant that is kind of on the puny side and I think it is because it is getting too much sun and not enough water.  My faves so far are Luna Moth and Upside Down Pineapple Cake
The rain started around 4PM and is expected to rain through the night but I just checked the radar and it sure looks like the end of it right now.  The weather people are predicting rain for tomorrow but I just don't see it on the map.  We need the rain but I need to paint before it is time to mow again.