Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spring Flowers in the Yard

I blinked and now my lilacs have come and gone.  We had a stretch of rainy weather and that is when the lilacs just happened to be at their peak.  The smell of lilacs in bloom is glorious.  It's a scent that is difficult to truly replicate.  I have a bottle of essential oil that is about 50% like the real scent.

About 9 yrs ago I planted a border of various lilacs along the fence out by the road.  As of today I have lost almost all the fancy lilacs.  The only ones that survived and grew were the common lilac syringa vulgaris.


I believe this is a Korean Lilac
I'm almost certain that it is a combination of the road salt spray from the snow plow and the toxins from the black walnut trees.  I have a few of the later blooming lilacs that are still hanging in there but the blooms are few and they have grown very little.  Live and learn.

My peonies are blooming now but over the years the surrounding shrubs have grown so much that they are now blocking the sun from these sun loving plants.  Currently in bloom are Sarah Bernhardt and Karl Rosenfield.  There is also a plant that has one large bud that is white with streaks of dark pink.  
Karl Rosenfield
Sarah Bernhardt
I would love to add more peony plants but between the black walnuts and the shade that I have, I am kind of stymied as to where I could plant them without failure.  Until then I will have #peonyenvy and look at Martha Stewart's fabulous peony garden.
My irises are in bloom and I love that I have irises in my garden given to  me from so many friends.  Several years ago I transplanted all my dark dark purple irises to the area next to my garden shed.  Their original location was not the best soil and they were starting to die.   As a matter of fact the only plants that grow in that soil are coneflowers and phlox, oh and weeds. 
 Before the Storm
This iris is considered to be one of the darkest (black) purple irises available.  In some sunlight it looks truly black.  My intention is to plant pure white irises so I can have a vase of white and black irises in a milk glass vase. 
  I think this is Edith Wolford
My roses have taken a beating and still have not fully recovered from the  two harsh winters that we had in 2014 and 2015.  I did notice that my daughter in laws roses were looking good today but she has drip irrigation and I think that might be why her's recovered better.

Tomorrow is a painting day.  I painted for about an hour today and then had to stop to take care of stuff.