Monday, June 20, 2016

Copper Watering Can....

.....turned into a bird house.

I had hung a copper watering can from my old window box as decoration.  But lo and behold I found a small wren (they are sooo cute) nesting in it.  So I looked to Pinterest to see if anyone else used watering cans for birdhouses but what I found were tea kettles and tea pots used for bird houses.

I love this one.
Check out my Pinterest board of tea kettles for bird houses.
So anyways I wanted to hang my copper watering can back up but I couldn't find it anywhere.  That is so frustrating.  But I finally ran across it while I was rutting around in the garden shed.  Oh happy day!!!
 After a quick trip to my local hardware store for a package of cup hooks, the watering can was hung with care, in hopes that a wren would soon be near.  Lame...I know.  It's the heat.

One more small thing checked off the 'to do' list.

Happy first day of summer!!!