Monday, June 27, 2016

We are those kind of people now

Today the temperature got to a high of 95 degrees but tomorrow is forecasted to be 69 degrees for a high temperature.  I love summer but I find it very difficult to paint in 95 degree weather so tomorrow should be a great painting day.

After some initial running around taking care of errands, I stopped and ordered our next round of windows to replace the inappropriate style windows that were installed in the 60's or 70's. The windows should arrive around Labor Day weekend.

When I arrived back home, R informed me that we needed more bird seed and when would my sister and I make another trip to Sam's Club?  I reminded him that she was puppy bound and it would be another month or so before she would make it into  the big city from the boonies to make another trip to Sam's Club.  So I suggested that we just get a membership for ourselves.  He agreed and off we went to Sam's Club for black sunflower seeds.

$190.00 later we left the store.
R was like that episode of Modern Family where Mitchell goes shopping at a Costco store for the first time.
So I guess we are 'those kind of people' now.

We drink diet Coke and when we passed a large package of diet Coke cans R said "that's a good price, its 31 cents plus 10 cents for deposit.  41 cents is CHEAP."  So we put a large package of diet Coke in the cart.  Then it was a huge package of baby Swiss cheese, then a huge package of socks, then some snacks, two huge containers of pretzels (one large one wasn't enough), and a yellow honeydew melon. We needed two containers of pretzels but only one melon?
We finally made it to the bird seed.  Not only did we get a 40 lb bag of black sunflower seeds for under 19 bucks but also a bag of mixed seed which we usually don't buy.  This 40 lb bag of mixed seed had peanuts and a lot of good seeds so it was deemed a good buy.  Then he noticed a 30 lb bag of dry cat food that our cats eat in between their can food meals.  I could hardly push the cart.  That's how they get you.  You come for one bag of bird seed and and before you know are $190 lighter in the wallet.

The veggies in pots are kicking it.  We might be eating a cucumber this weekend, probably along with a pretzel.

 Lemon Boy tomato.
 Jalapeno pepper. 
I was able to get a little more painting completed once the south side of the house was in the shade.  Tomorrow I will lower the ladder and move it to the side and hopefully finish another portion.