Sunday, June 19, 2016

Too Hot to......

....paint.  It was 93 degrees today.  I started to climb up the ladder to the peak and the ladder was so hot that it felt like it was going to burn my skin.  I decided to put it in reverse and go back down because the thought of burning myself didn't sound too appealing for a Saturday afternoon.
I have enough other things that I can do around the yard until the temps drop about 5 degrees or I get up early enough to paint while this area is still in the shade.

My potted vegetable plants are growing like weeds.  There are noticeable changes every day.  I already have gherkin size cucumbers.  My celery is doing great but my cabbage seems to be all show and no go.  I do not see a head forming and it just looks like a lot of side leaves.  Same thing for the cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli.

My head lettuce is filling in nicely, as is my Romaine.  I hope R likes salsa verde because it looks like we will be knee deep in tomatillos.

My potted flowers are also doing great and it is just about time to trim off the dead blooms.
I also brought out my cast iron crows.  I purchased them last year from the P. Allen Smith website.  Originally, I purchased them for use at Halloween but I found that I loved them during the summer, too. They are currently on sale for $36.00 for the pair.