Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fancy Metal Flag Bracket...

....just in time for Flag Day.
I am going to try once again to get my old flag pole restored (long story) but until then I'll hang Old Glory  from the fancy metal bracket that I purchased several months ago.  The bracket was made by the company Evergreen Garden and the garden shop only had one for sale. I nabbed it before my sister could get to it.  You snooze you lose.  
I also bought a kinetic wind spinner in the shape of a tulip, also made by Evergreen Garden.  It came painted in a light shade of green but it faded right into the house so I spray painted it satin black.  I love the twisted metal cage in the center and it repeats the wrought iron theme.  It is a slow spinner but we love how it looks when we drive up to the front of the house. It catches your eye right away and because it spins slowly it is very relaxing.
But back to the new flag bracket.  I figured that it would be redundant to have two flags on the front of the house so we decided to put it by the kitchen door which is on the side of the house.
 We love how it looks.  I purchased the flag and wood flag pole at Ace Hardware.  But of course, I had to spray paint the pole to match the bracket.  That can of black satin spray paint is getting quite the workout.  
 Flag Day had been celebrated unofficially since the mid 1800's and eventually settled in on June 14th.  President Truman signed it into law, on August 3rd 1949, which designated June 14th of every year as National Flag Day.

In honor of Flag Day get Old Glory out and let her wave proudly.