Saturday, January 12, 2008

50%, .50, 3/6 = halfway

I hit halfway at about 1:30pm EST today. Yeah for me.

R was going to extract the broken/rusted screw after I left for work today. He said he wasn't guaranteeing anything. If he happens to make the hole bigger, he'll just plug it with a piece of dowel and re drill the hole. I'm cool with that.

Here's a photo of the broken screw and rotted area.Also here is a close up of the piece I was telling you about yesterday. I think once you see the photo you'll understand what I was talking about and how the one sash overlaps the other when closing.Tomorrow I have the day off, except for an MRI on my neck at 6pm. I should be able to make good progress tomorrow. I am hoping to get 2 sashes scraped and sanded. Also I would like to get any gluing and filling completed on the 5 scraped sashes. That's my goal. This would leave just one sash to scrap and sand. Monday is out of the question for getting anything done since I have a nail and massage appointment before I leave for work. So anything not completed on Sunday will need to wait until Tuesday.

Time invested last night 35 minutes. Today 1 hour. Total time invested 7 hours and 30 minutes. I'll add R's time in once I know how much time it took.