Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Installing cable Internet and going 'wireless'

Just to be perfectly clear.....I did work on the windows....a little bit. More on that later.

I'll be upfront. When it comes to computers, computing, and the Internet, I'm like Sgt. Schultz..."I know notttthiiiing!". Really nothing. I am computer illiterate. I was OK up to and through Windows 3.1. When everything went to Windows 98......I was lost. I said to my son, "I can't even find the little file cabinet!!" Click and drag.... yeah right. I can't figure out any of this. I'm astonished that I can even blog. So anyways when I decided to install cable Internet myself to save $39.99, it was not without a lot of trepidation. I asked everyone, "Is it hard to do?" Which was always answered with "Any dummy can do it." Well world....."Hi, my name is Dummy. Nice to meet you."

My son said, "Just follow the instructions. Don't jump ahead and plug it in. Do exactly as the instructions say." OK...take a deep breath and read. Do this.....I did that. Do that I did that. Now do this....I did that. Welcome to the Internet. Really??? Where??? I don't see anything. Nuttin. So I disconnected and tried again. This time lo and behold.....Comcast Internet.....yeah!!! I surfed around a little bit and then turned off the computer. I was feeling kinda proud.....that was the first mistake of many to come.

I worked on the window sashes for awhile then decided to install the wireless router. The week before I installed the wireless card at my son's house and under his direction. So I thought how hard can this be???? I fired up my laptop only to discover the Internet was gone. Vanished, no where to be found. I used the Comcast Wizard thing to diagnose the problem and it reconnected me. Just to make sure. I powered down again. Powered back Internet. You have no idea how frustrating that is. Especially when you can't read the instructions because you don't understand the lingo. This went on for a whole day. Finally on Sunday night I must have accidentally done something right because I could now power down and power back up without losing the Internet. Our plans were to go out to dinner at the Holly Hotel, but I was so stressed out that we stayed home. All Monday was spent attempting to connect the wireless router. Of course that went about as well as the Internet hook up. I did exactly as it said. Step by step. Then it said it couldn't do something because it couldn't find the admin. Grrrrrrrr. R called Gavin to help me. He said he would call when he got back in town. We then went out to eat at the Holly Hotel.

R had Tournedos of Beef Tenderloin and cappillini. I had Crabeater something or another, couscous, and banana creme brulee for dessert. Oh and 3 glasses of wine. When I came home I installed the wireless router yet again. And I've been wireless since. Obviously the trick is the wine.

So now I can concentrate on the window sashes. The glazing points I purchased at Home Depot are slightly too big and stick out beyond the muntin bars. To remedy this R is grinding each and everyone before I install it. Currently I am re installing glass panes.

Time invested since last update 7 hours. Total time invested so far 22 hours.

Disclaimer...just to be clear. I am usually quite good at putting things together and taking things apart since that is in part what I do for a living. I've even taught myself how to repair mechanical watches. All I know is I would rather take apart an engine or re side my house before I install the Internet or a wireless router again. R's solution to the whole thing is to stay as far away from computers as possible.