Monday, January 14, 2008

The scraping is finished, finito, DONE!!!!

In between football games and a MRI, I was able to finish stripping the sashes, scraping paint off the panes, and sanding all 6 sashes. I have 3 blisters, 2 sore arms, and 1 gigantic mess. Before I can move on with the next step, I'll need to clean up all the scrapings, dust, debris, and tools.

Next on my agenda is gluing all the loose joints and filling the rotted areas with filler. That should take up this entire next week. I can only glue 1 sash at a time because I only own 1 bar clamp big enough. So to fill in the down time between gluing, I will start taking out the panes (1 at a time), clean them, brush on boiled linseed oil, and re bed them in a little glazing (eliminates rattling).

After I complete all that, I will begin to prime and paint. After all the painting is done I will finish up with the glazing. I'll paint the glazing this spring after it has had a chance to set up.

I'm still uncertain about the hinges. All the hinges I like are too big. I was leaning toward the strap hinges. But the top rail is rather small and I don't know how that would look.

Time invested on Sunday 3 hours 30 minutes + R's time spent removing broken screw 30 minutes = 4 hours. Total time invested so far 11 hours 30 minutes.