Monday, January 7, 2008

Casement window project begins with a blast of wind....

I knew this was going to happen. Yesterday I removed some of the casement window sashes in the sun room. I covered the window opening with heavy gauge plastic and then reinstalled the window screen to hold it in place. I toe nailed a nail on each side, top, and bottom. The weather report was calling for milder than normal weather this week so I felt this was a good time to start a project that I had slated for spring time. Boy was I wrong. Ironically it was exactly 1 week ago tonight when we had a 9 inch snow fall. Remember this photo??? Well probably not. I decided why show you the same photo, when I could show you the same photo but different!!!! This one shows how long his tail feathers are and how deep the snow was 6 days ago.

We are currently under a tornado watch. Thunderstorms are moving through the area with some of the storms moving at 51 knots. No way are those little nails going to hold that plastic and screen in place. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
The casement sashes that I removed are the ones in the sun room that face the front. They need to be scraped and sanded. Some have been partially scraped but none sanded. All the glazing needs to be removed and re glazed. I noticed in some areas that caulk had been used instead of glazing.

Only one area of rot was found and I think my two part epoxy will repair that nicely. It worked great on the rotted area on the bottom of one of my dining room sashes.
Tomorrow I will start scraping and maybe fill the rotted area. I am sure it will take at least a week to scrap and sand all six sashes. Another week to prime and paint and another to glaze.

In the mean time, I need to decide what kind of hinges I want to use. The front door, side door, and garage entry door all have large strap hinges. I have already purchased smaller strap hinges to use on the shutters that my father and I made. I might use those same strap hinges on the sun room windows. I'll have to dig one out and try it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they work because that would continue the "look" plus they didn't cost an arm and a leg. I will need 16 pairs to complete the entire sun room.

Back to Weather Undergound's radar. Oh I probably forgot to mention that we are not home. We are at work 75 miles away. Just in case you thought......what a dummy...why doesn't she just go and check on her windows or add a couple of extra nails. I would if I could. But I can't so I won't.