Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Glazing points, glitter, and grey weatherstripping

My intent was just to run into Home Depot during my lunch and run right back out. How hard could it be, all I wanted was some disposable natural bristle brushes and a couple packages of glazing points. Both should be in the paint department.

As I turned the corner into the paint section the brushes were on my left. No problem. Picked up three 1 inch wide brushes for 77 cents each and three 2 inch wide brushes for 44 cents each. Hmmmm doesn't make much sense. Twice the brush for half the money. Oh well.

Down the aisle I go, caulk on the right side....let me see......glazing compound.......yup......ok the glazing points should be right here.....well maybe here......look up there....nope....look down here...nope. Oooooooookay. I guess I'll just have to ask the 2 associates and 1 manager that are standing RIGHT HERE where the glazing points should be. "Oh excuse me, could you tell me where the glazing points are???" Well, I might as well have said "I am from Mars and is this Lowe's?" The guy just stood there and stared at me. Now I know they were deep into counting tubes of caulk...I mean it was taking THREE of them to do it. Finally he says to the manager, "she's looking for something called glazing points." Now this is why they pay the manager more money, he says "Oh I have heard of those, but I don't know what you use them for. But they should be right here." He begins to look in the putty knife/scraper display. I know that scraper section and the glazing points are not there. Then he turns around and see the tubes, tubs, and cans of glazing compound and says "Oh they should be right here." He looks up and then he looks down and says "They're not here." Well no kidding. It was at this point that associate number 2 volunteers this tidbit of wisdom. "I think they are in lumber. Check around the trim section." The manager fully agrees and they go back to counting caulk. 1 tube of paint able silicone caulk........two tubes of paint able silicone caulk......... oops here's a tube of almond color where was I?......three tubes of...... I turn and head down the aisle, turned right, and there at the end of the NEXT aisle on an end cap were little packages of glazing points. Well of all makes sense now. Glazing points, tubs of glitter, and rolls of grey foam weatherstripping. What was I thinking...I was in the C section (caulk, compound) and I needed to be in the G section (glazing points, glitter, grey weatherstripping).

On my way to the register I passed the caulk counting think tank and told them it was with the glitter. They all looked at each other and acted like "of course......glitter." And they all went back to counting. This is why they need to hire someone to design the layout of their stores who actually uses their products. Instead they hire some "expert" who lays the store out to maximize the probability that you will buy more than you need by sending you all over the store to buy related items. Ha....fooled them......I didn't buy the glitter. I was tempted but all they had was gold colored glitter......remember it was the G aisle.

Being at Home Depot reminded me that it's almost Tony time again. Although I'll always be a Tony fan, I am still not happy with the manufacturer switch. It's bad enough that they had to go with those ugly COT cars.

But here's a gratuitous "Go Smoke" anyways.