Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chalk one up for eBay

The front and side doors at "The Gear" have wrought iron thumb latch handles. Every once in awhile I run across one on eBay. This week I was in the right place at the right time and scored a nice set on eBay for $18.50 + $10.00 S+H.

The cyclinder lock will be replaced with a Corbin cylinder lock. I am trying to key all my doors the same. If everything works out correctly I will only need two keys to work all the doors in this house. I am currently looking for the old Corbin key blanks because they have decorative scroll work embossed on them.

The lock set needs to be repainted. I would really like to have it powder coated to make it maintenance free. I was curious how it would look without the chipped thick paint. So I sandblasted it.

Here is what it looks like now without all the coats of paint. The thick paint was obscuring the hammered detail. Now I just need to find a powder coating place that will do small parts. I know you can buy powder coat paint for home use. You use a small air brush paint sprayer and then bake in a toaster oven or an old oven (don't cook food in an oven after using it to powder coat). I mentioned to R that when we install the new Thermador double oven we will have a perfectly good oven to put out in the barn for powder coating. I can think of all kinds of things to powder coat. Vintage wall mount mail box, flower basket hooks, house numbers etc etc. I forgot to mention that it would also work with race car parts but I am sure he already thought of that.

Today I finished sanding the excess glue off the last repaired muntins. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. I have a social event at 1PM that should keep me busy until 3PM. Then there is the Super Bowl. So hopefully between the party and the bowl I can reinstall the last of the glass.

Time invested today....40 minutes. Total time invested 32 hours.

* Verizon sent us a letter stating they would give us a $50 check if we hook our land line back up. I think we'll pass.