Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday's Tip

Over the years I have signed up for numerous rewards programs, incentive programs, and cash savings programs....if they had a program...I signed up for it. The only problem was that when it came time to produce the card at the check out to receive my rewards, incentives, and cash....I couldn't find the card. Either the card was in my SUV or somewhere in my I always just passed on racking up rewards, incentives, and cash.

Not anymore.

First I gathered all the rewards, incentives, and cash cards I could find. I now know why I could never find them. They were tucked behind credit cards, lost in the bottom of my purse, and thrown into the junk drawer so they wouldn't get lost.

I then punched a hole in the corner of the card using a hole punch. I used a 3 hole punch, but used only one of the punches. Before placing your card in the punch, make sure you have oriented it correctly so that you do not punch through the bar code or scanning strip.

Once I completed punching holes in all the cards I placed them on a key ring. I chose the FREE key ring I received from my sorority, Delta Zeta, for making a contribution.

Then I placed the key ring with attached cards in the pocket of my purse. Now when the cashier asks me if I have a rewards, incentive, or cash card, I can say "Yes I do and here it is".

You might be asking, "Who offers these rewards, incentives, and cash cards?" I have cards from.....Ace Hardware,Borders Books, DSW, Bordine Nursery, Kroger, Blockbuster, CVS, NGC Cinema, and Speedway gas station. I purchased an item at Best Buy during the holidays and they asked if I wanted to join their program to earn points for rewards. I said "no" because I thought I was making a one time purchase. I then promptly over the course of the next three weeks spent $500.00.

"So what do you earn with these cards?" Well over the course of the last year or two, I have received 2 $40 gift cards to Applebees and 4 $25 gift cards to Circuit City from Speedway gas station, numerous $5-10 dollars coupons from Ace Hardware, half off coupons from DSW, $10 off coupon and free plants from Bordines, cash back rewards from CVS, and free movies at NCG and Blockbusters. I have also received $200 in gift cards to Home Depot from my American Express card. Tomorrow I plan on cashing in my points at Speedway gas station to receive 4 $25 gift cards from Lowe's.

A co worker talked me into saving My Coke Rewards. So far I have received a free flash drive in the shape of a Coke bottle, a cool ink pen, a silver 25 year anniversery Diet Coke bottle, and a Toshiba DVD player.

Tomorrow I will tell you about my latest free gift from My Coke Rewards.

Time invested today.....1 hour. Total time invested 34 hours 30 minutes.

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  1. I didn't know you could win all that cool stuff from Coca Cola! No wonder my son takes my bottle caps. Well, I just signed up, so I'm thinking he's going to have to drink his own Coca Cola! LOL


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