Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm lost...can this GPS help me?

DHL delivered the GPS (TomTom One) today. It looks cool and came with a suction cup mounting device for the windshield, a USB cable, and a car charger. It is missing one thing though.....a 12 year old kid to explain the gadgetry to me. I'm completely lost. Do they have a GPS for confused people? You know for people who are electronically challenged?

The 1930's era Better Homes and Gardens magazines that I purchased off eBay arrived today. My how things have changed. One of the issues has a photo of a front door and it's a Dutch door. I have several in my home. Two interior and one exterior door on the back of the house. When I stripped the front door and the door jamb, I noticed that there were witness marks indicating two additional decorative straps in the center portion of the door. This would indicate that the front door at one time was also a Dutch door. I have no idea where that door is now. Our front door is 40 inches wide and the 3 Dutch doors remaining are 36 and 32 inches wide.

The mailman also delivered a package today that contained a cast iron hanging light that I will hang over my sink. I will take a photo before I disassemble and sandblast it tomorrow. Currently it is painted (not original) garishly. I will return it to satin black to match the other lights I have purchased. It was rather difficult t0 find a hanging light that was small in diameter. This one has cool square links. I purchased a French wrought iron chandelier with crystals for over the kitchen table.

I've been thinking about that double drawer dishwasher. From a mechanical standpoint...that is twice the parts to breaks, twice the electronics to screw up, two times everything. Maybe the regular style dishwasher would not only be be more economical (cheaper) but also more durable because of fewer parts. Now from a 'green' standpoint, a traditional dishwasher uses more water. But then it uses the same or close to the same amount of electricity. So maybe I will just get the regular style and try to only wash full loads. By purchasing the traditional style dishwasher I will save $$$$ and that's green....right????? The money I save on the dishwasher purchase I can use towards the purchase of a new trash compactor.

I see that the Internet sports sections are all abuzz because of the towel Tony Stewart is auctioning off for charity. Gees where have they been??? We knew about that a couple of days ago, right?

More snow is in the forecast. Should start just about the time I leave work tonight and fall until I get to work tomorrow. I thought winter was on the downward spiral last Sunday when I went outside with just a sweatshirt on. I guess not.


  1. This past summer we got a GPS system and I just sat there staring at it because I couldn't figure it out (it may have required 2 12 year olds!). We replaced it with a Garmin Streetpilot and I LOVE it! Its so easy to has a touch screen that prompts you what to do, and it actually talks to you so you don't have to try to read the screen and drive at the same time. It also has shortcut buttons on the side for Menu, Find, Map, etc so if you end up in something and can't figure out how to get out of it you push a button. Ok, I'm done gushing about mine...good luck with yours!

  2. That French chandelier sounds so lovely. Can't wait to see a picture! Yep, it's snowing -- looks like a snowglobe! sigh.


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