Monday, February 18, 2008


It's official, I'm sick of winter. I've had enough of shoveling, driving in horrendous conditions, and the constant bone chilling wind.

It's not fit for man nor beast...I mean peacock.

This is how Weenie and Mr. Peacock spend their afternoons. Weenie chilling in her bed, complete with leopard print blanket and Mr. Peacock....just chilling. Sometimes they will be nose to nose...I mean nose to beak. If you ask either one of my cats, "Where's Mr. Peacock?" They will look out onto the deck and then look at you with that look that says, "he's out there in the cold....stupid bird."

Beenie on the other hand can't be bothered with such things as a big stupid bluish purple bird. She's too busy napping on her blanket. She's prefers the 1930's chair complete with faux sage mohair.

Beenie says, "I'm not moving until someone finds my other colored contact lens. Until then I will keep my eyes closed." Beenie was a feral cat that my husband brought home. The vet advised him to have her put down because "she won't ever be any good." She's a sweet kitty.

All I know is Beenie, Weenie, Mr. Peacock, and I are all ready for spring.

* I should clarify why Mr. Peacock is out in the cold. Peacocks will not go into a building. They prefer to shelter themselves from the wind but in a place where they can get away from a predator. Our biggest concern is foxes. Mr. Peacock roosts high up in the trees during the summer. In the fall, winter, and spring he usually sits under the overhang by the kitchen window or under the deck by the windows of the lower level. We leave the light on (like Motel 6) to hopefully keep the predators away. His estimated age is at least 10 yrs probably closer to 14 according to people who know pea fowl. They estimate age by the length of their tail feathers. He appeared about 5 years ago and he's been happily making his rounds everyday since then.


  1. Ditto on the spring. I am so ready this year. Cabin fever is driving me nuts....

  2. So with you on being over winter! We have had some nice weather, but more snow is in the forecast and I am going crazy.

    A peacock! How fun! :)

  3. Poor, cold bird. Loved the pictures of the cats. I am SO done with winter.... but I am thinking it is not done with us!

  4. Love your the light, it looks awesome, but really love the peacock...doesn't the screaming bother you though?

  5. 'our little bungalow'...thanks for reading. I've been following your blog as well.

    Actually the screeching doesn't bother us or the neighbors. When we hear him screech, it reassures us he's ok. Plus it is a scream to watch him screech at the trash and UPS guys. They just make entirely too much noise for his liking. The mailman has befriended him and he will go up to his truck when he pulls into the driveway to deliver a package. If Mr. Peacock isn't in the yard when he pulls in, the first thing the mailman says is "here's your mail" then "where's Mr. Peacock?"

    Thanks again for reading. Oh and I like the new color of your entry.


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