Friday, December 11, 2009

$10.00 off Coupon for Yankee Candle

While we shopped in Holly, Michigan yesterday, my sister and I saw Yankee Candles everywhere. We sniffed so many candles that I felt like I had a pine branch stuck in my nostril. Our olfactory lobes were over stimulated with cinnamon sticks, pine, cranberry, apple spice, and snowflake. Snowflake? Yes, snowflake. How would you like that job?

"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a snowflake sniffer. I sniff snowflakes to decide which scent of snowflakes will be used in snowflake candles."

Actually I never met a snowflake that I liked so I that would probably disqualify me for that profession. I guess I'll just have to scratch snowflake sniffer from the list of possible professions.

I don't believe Yankee Candle has the snow flake scent but they have plenty of other scents to choose from to delight the olfactory lobes of your holiday guests. Like North Pole, doesn't that conjure up a pleasant feeling feeling? Brrrrr, just the thought of the North Pole makes me want to shiver and climb under an electric blanket. My personal favorites are Lilac and Clean Cotton.Whatever your scent of choice is, you can get it cheaper for the next 3 days. Yankee Candle is offering $10 off a $20 dollar purchase. Coupon expires December 13th, 2009.

Did you say "It's too damn cold outside to go shopping!" Well, don't fret my shivering friend. This coupon is good for online purchases at the Yankee Candle site just use code XF912A2. And was 12 degrees out when my sister and I shopped yesterday. So quit your whimpering it will make your nose and mascara run and that is just not a good look on anyone.

The Yankee Candle site is also running a buy 1 get one half off sale on their holiday candles. Hurry, time is running out.

Update......I just found out you can use this promo code more than once so if your order is over 20 dollars split your order into two. Example.....Your order comes to 43 dollars before promo code. Try and split that order into 2 orders of 20 and 23 dollars and use the promo code twice. This would give you final orders of 10 and 13 dollars plus shipping (which appears to be $5.00 right now) twice for a total of 33 dollars instead of 38 dollars. Unfortunately I ordered before I found this out. If you buy the tarts for your burner they cost $1.99 each. Buy 10 or 11 tarts (not sure if promo code works off items only or items and shipping. 11 X 1.99=21.89 minus $10 dollars final cost $11.89 plus $5.00 shipping=$16.89 total which is still cheaper than going to the store and paying $1.99 each for 11 tarts=$21.89 plus you had to drive there, your feet got wet because of the snow and slush, plus it was cold, and you really didn't want to get out of your PJs in the first place.Also they have flower seed mats on sale. These seed mats are 17 inches wide and 5 feet long. They have three types on sale, wildflower, butterfly garden, and giant pumpkin seed mats. I purchased 10 of the butterfly garden mats @ $1.75 each. Can't get any easier than that. Roll it out, throw a little dirt on it, and water. Multiple seed types and evenly spaced. One pack of seeds would cost $1.75.