Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Magazine Bites the Dust

Seems that yet another magazine that I subscribe to has know died, perished, kicked the periodical bucket. But I need not fret because they are adding any unused issues of Gourmet to my Bon Appetit subscription. Great.....just what I need more issues of Bon Appetit. That should take me to 2014. What makes them think Bon Appetit will survive if Gourmet couldn't?

Last month it was Metropolitan which is a magazine I subscribed to for years but lately was uninspiring and some issues were just horrific. But like all the other mags that have gone bust the last issue came with a renewal attached to it. Several years ago I decided to quit Metropolitan but thanks to another mag folding, they added issues to a mag I no longer wanted.

So starting with the new year, I will not subscribe to anymore new magazines. Most of my subscription have oodles of issues left on them thanks to numerous offers of $5.00 a year and sending me numerous bills that made me think my subscription was running out.

These are the only magazines I will continue to subscribe to because of their constant high quality. These are the magazines that always offer me at least one inspiration or idea.

The keep subscribing to list.

Traditional Home one of the best, true to it's title, and great articles.

Martha Stewart Living what can I say but Martha rocks. Great all around mag.

Old Home Journal and Old House Interiors true to title except they need more 30's and 40's homes that aren't deco or kitschy.

Better Homes and Gardens A staple. A good all around mag.

This Old House. Great magazine but I have noticed several issues that were tossed after one reading. They need to do smaller renos with affordable products. Instead of 2 big renos maybe 8 with the home owner doing the vast majority of work and being guided by Norm, Tom, and the experts. Hey, R and I will even volunteer. Oh and they need to venture to other parts of the country. Maybe have four different homeowner renos from 4 different areas each year all going on at the same time and because the homeowners will be doing the majority of the work the renos should last all season. Four different areas, four different styles, and four different homeowners. This will insure that there is something that will strike a nerve with every viewer.

Country Living This mag should have oodles of great articles because of the demise of all the Cottage mags.

Midwest Living Well I do live in the Midwest so that's a no brainer.

Southern Living Some great issues and some not so great.

Taste of Home Great recipes that are doable and family oriented. Recipes are made with readily available items.

Here's the mags that I don't think will make it. Some of the magazines that have folded were lacking inspiration for months on end. Some of the decorating in these magazines were down right ugly.

Food Network Too many foodie mags already with recipes that are iffy for the average family.

Renovation Style Used to be filled with inspiration now it's just a shell of it's former self. Seems intent on offering renos of either gigantic proportion or just weird renos.

Bon Appetite I really don't think we need this foodie mag. The recipes are too out there, too expensive to try, and ingredients are sometimes unattainable in my area.

Most gardening mags. They rehash the same old thing. Most good all around mags have one garden article each month.

I refuse to buy magazines off the news stand. Far too expensive. Basically magazines are throw aways and I really do not like just throwing away $$$$. Some magazines are $5.95 or $6.99. Give me a break.

New Year's resolution number new subscriptions unless it is a mag in my


  1. Natural Home used to be good. Then they got artsy and started using low contrast pale type on colored backgrounds on about half their pages, only readable by the under 45 set. That was really frustrating so eventually I dumped my subscription.

    I have since seen some other magazines pick up that style as well, although their names escape me since they get about 2 seconds of my time.

    American Bungalow and Style 1900 are things of beauty.

    I like Martha, but I just don't find much in MSL that I want to save.

  2. Garden Gate is one of my favs. No ads. and Cuisine at home is another. made by the same folks at garden gate with no ads as well.

    do you really read all those mags every month?

  3. Unfortunately I do read all those mags. That's why it frustrates me when the mag issue, for lack of a better word, sucks. I know how much I spend on subscriptions and when issue after issue arrives with nothing worth reading or looking at, I get peeved.

    If I had a bungalow I would subscribe to American Bungalow. This area is truly lacking in true 1920-1930 bungalows. the city of flint had block after block of them but that area in now, for lack of a better word, ghetto. It's a shame.

    Can't say I have ever seen natural Home or Style 1900. I'll check them out online and see if they strike my fancy. I fought the urge to subscribe to Garden Gate because I already subscribed to about 5 garden mags that all were without merit and I eventually dropped them or are in the progress of dropping them. Next time Garden Gate sends me a special rate, I might give them a try.


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