Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Vintage Wood Storm Door

I completely forgot to mention the vintage wood storm door I purchased this summer at the Restore in Battle Creek, Michigan.

My sister and I attended a canning class in Battle Creek and passed the Restore on our way to the class. Afterward we stopped to check things out.

Sorry about the completely out of focus photo.
I couldn't believe it. They not only had 1 wood storm door but they had 5 of them. On top of that they were all 10 bucks a piece. I was shocked. I wanted them all but we were in my sister's Vibe and there just wasn't room.

Three days later my husband and I drove back to Battle Creek with a truck. As my luck would have it, there was only one left. This will fit my kitchen door but I really could use 3 more of the 32" wide size.

As my husband and I drove away with the lone door he said, "why didn't you just pay for them on Saturday and tell them to hold the doors until we could pick them up?"