Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage French Doors w/Vintage Storm Doors

I ran across a set of vintage French doors while in Holly the other day. So I took out my camera and snapped a few photos for future reference.

Here are the exterior French doors. Love that hand painted large plate that is hanging on the wall next to the doors. And here are the vintage French storm doors.Both sets of doors have their hinges and door knobs PLUS I just noticed the sign in the booth for the storm doors that says 25% off everything in that booth!!! So Sunday we will drive to Holly and see if we can seal the deal on some vintage french doors for the game room.

It's Sunday now and we drove to Holly, Michigan to possibly buy the doors. I had completely forgotten that Holly was in the middle of their Dickens Days (as in Charles Dickens) because of this the downtown area was completely blocked off. We drove around for awhile until we found a parking spot large enough for a large dually truck. Those trucks are great for hauling but are a total pain when it comes to parking spots and fast food drive thru.

Here are a couple of the photos I shot while walking to the antique store.Could you imagine having to dress like that every day? Not me. No way.Poor horsey. I think I heard him say, "What can I say, times are bad and I have to make a buck. Have you seen the price of oats, lately?
OK, back to the antique store. Of course it was packed because of the Dickens Days but we were able to locate an owner and asked about the doors. I hadn't noticed that the booth number on both tags was #33 and booth #33 was having a sale of 25% off everything!!! Yippee. So I was able to purchase both set of doors for 25% off making the final price $397.50including tax. Not too bad considering the exterior French doors were originally $350.

The French doors are thick and very heavy. I can't wait to strip them. I have found that once you strip old painted doors you will find that most of the nicks and dents are usually in the paint. The edges also will look crisper. The doors will eventually be painted white like the trim on the house.

I did notice that one of the storm doors has a panel that is split. A little glue and some clamps should take care of that problem. I will need to have screen inserts made for the storm doors but that might even be something we can take care of ourselves.

The storm doors still have their original hardware but the French door has a rather modern door handle but appears to still have the cylinder lock. I am hoping it is a Corbin lock but if not, I think I have a few extra Corbin locks stashed somewhere as well as some door knobs. We can then get this door keyed to match all our other doors. I could not imagine having different keys for every door in this house. I would need a larger purse. Do they even make a purse that large?