Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fence Post Levels

Today, after the furnace guy left and after I wrote a check for $736.00 for a DC motor for the energy efficient 5 year old furnace, we fixed the fence posts at the Torrey Rd house.I noticed post levels in the bargain bin one day while I was at our Ace Hardware store in Grand Blanc. I had a $5.00 off coupon from my Ace Rewards so I purchased a couple. Unfortunately I can't remember the price but today I found out they were priceless when it comes to making sure fence post are plumb and level.The elastic band comes in handy and holds the level in place even as you are moving the post around in the hole. The level is molded out of plastic so it shouldn't rust or have any sharp edges. The level also has three bubble levels. Two of the bubble levels tells you if two sides of the post are plumb and the third bubble level is used if you are working on a horizontal piece. The post can be either square/rectangular or round and comes with 4 magnets so that it can be used if your post is steel.