Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hydraulic Cement

Today R bought a small tub of hydraulic cement to fix that small hole in the basement floor.Remember this hole?When R went to Home Depot he looked all over and could not find the hydraulic cement so he asked the first Home Depot associate that he encountered. Just like every other time you ask a Home Depot associate a question the answer was "I don't know." So he looked further and finally found it in the paint section.

To patch the hole we first dug out as much of the dirt as possible. The hole appeared to be about 6 inches deep. R then splashed a little water into the hole to moisten the concrete floor so that it would not draw all the moisture out of the wet cement. This also aides in the bonding of the cement to the old concrete.R added small amounts of water until he achieved the desired consistency. He wanted it rather runny so that he could pour it into the hole. Hydraulic cement sets up fairly quickly so make sure you prep before mixing the cement.
This is the hole after we finished pouring the cement into the hole. Tomorrow I will update with a photo of the dried cement. This should keep water from coming into the basement during rainy periods.

FYI the cost of the small tub was $6.97. We only used several small scoops of the dry mixture so this tub should patch several large holes.