Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to the Bricks

Detroit has the Woodward Dream Cruise and now the Flint area has their own cruise called Back to the Bricks.

The cruise starts in Grand Blanc and ends in downtown Flint where parked on the historic bricks and under the vintage wrought iron arches you will see some of the most beautiful classic cars that ever rolled off an American assembly line.

This cruise has in a span of 6 years grown to be huge. Since I live in a house situated at the beginning of the cruise I am privy to seeing some fine examples of rolling sheet metal. The variety of vehicles is staggering. There is every thing from Model T's to old firetrucks.

I saw this car go by today. I shot this photo at the Hot Dog Stand in down town Grand Blanc earlier in the year.Here is another photo from the Hot Dog Stand from earlier in the year. Yesterday the Hot Dog Stand was host to Cindy Williams from Laverne and Shirley. During the cruise the Hot Dog Stand is packed to the gills with vintage vehicles.
I spent the afternoon out by the street painting my fence and watching, hearing, and breathing (Turbo Blue high octane fuel has a distinctive smell) the spectacle. Yesterday while weeding the flower bed by the curb, I chose the wrong moment to bend over and some old duffer in a Model T blew his oogaa horn just as I bent over. I nearly had a heart attack. Later on another old fart yelled at me from the rumble seat of another Model T. Damn, these geriatrics studs must have taken a double dose of Geritol before hitting the road.

Today while watching the cars and painting the fence the storm sirens went off. Seemed a little weird because the sun was shining but to the north it looked a little dark but not overly dark and the humidity was rather low also. Poor quality photo taken with my cheap camera in zoom mode.....and to the south. Looks partly cloudy to me.
I called my mother to find out what was up and she said there was a tornado warning. We eventually received about 10 drops of rain. I think the weather forecasters were being overly cautious because of the large number of people attending the cruise tonight.

I'll finish up the painting tomorrow and move onto edging the rest of the front shrub/flower bed. Once that is finished I'll have to revisit my list and see what else needs to be done.