Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will I Score Tomorow???

Back in the day, if you said you were going to score it meant...well you know what it meant but not in today's world. Now it means you got something good......oh I guess it means the same thing. Never mind the previous statement.

Well anyways, tomorrow I am going to buy a set of brand new, still shrink wrapped french doors for my sun room. The best thing about this deal is that they are asking $100.00. But that is not the whole deal. R turned in all the brass (38 pounds) that we took off the six 'free' doors.....
.....that I scored several weeks ago and we made $75.00 in scrap aluminum and brass. So that will make these doors only 25 bucks.

Not too shabby. Of course it isn't as good as that guy who in 14 trades on Craigslist went from an old cell phone to a used Porsche but it will do for now and I really don't want a Porsche.

On a side note....we decided that today we just HAD to go to the Flint Farmers Market. When we visit the market we usually have an omelet at their little cafe, so mentally we were geared up for a great omelet. Unfortunately we decided to drive through downtown Flint to get to the market. Normally this would not be a big thing but today was the day they were extraditing the serial stabber back to Flint from Georgia. Holy cow there were TV crews and trucks everywhere. At one point it was taking us 5 minutes to move one block. On the plus side, I opened the car door and inspected how the city of Flint installs their paver bricks.

Long story short, the cafe was closed by the time we got there so we decided on Chinese at Empress of China. Moral of not eat Chinese food in the middle of the day if you want to get anything else accomplished.

Our food was great. We had sweet corn soup (egg drop with shredded chicken and kernels of sweet corn) that was delicious. I ordered cashew chicken and R had pea pods and beef served on a sizzling platter. Afterward we both felt the need for a nap and not much was accomplished the rest of the day.