Monday, August 16, 2010

What to do??

I can't believe it. It is 12:15PM and it is only 77 degrees outside. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time it was in the 70's during daylight hours.

This is perfect weather for working outside. So now I have to decide which unpleasant task that I have been avoiding due to heat that I should tackle today. It needs to be a lone task because R is busy elsewhere today.

Here's a list of possible tasks.

Start removing the remaining old cedar shingles off the front of the house. We gave up on stripping because it was a slow process and in the end the shingles were still old and brittle. A significant portion of the front has already been replaced so it seemed logical to have all new shingles. Plus in the end....reshingling is easier and more pleasant than stripping paint off cedar shingles.

Continue with the fence painting. The weather has been so hot that the paint would dry before I could brush it out.

Continue with the edging of the lilac border.

Continue with the brush removal along the fence line.

Sand the trim on the front of the house.

Spray Round Up on vegetation along the back fence row. Scratch's too windy.

Finish mulching around the Catalpa tree.

Sit and do nothing but look at my hostas. This is looking like a great idea but probably not the most productive and come winter I would be kicking myself.

Remove rocks around roses and lay down landscaping fabric and put rocks back. This was R's idea and I would hate to ruin his fun so maybe I will let him enjoy this task.

I haven't yet decided what I will do but I have time to decide because I first need to water my tomatoes and fruit trees. I'll see where my muse takes me.