Sunday, August 8, 2010

Door Score

Thank you Craigslist.

We scored 6 solid wood exterior doors this past week. I found the ad on Craigslist. The ad said interior doors but I could tell they were exterior. The ad also stated that the doors had not been drilled out for lock sets because they were used as swinging doors. That is a plus where we are concerned because we use a lot of vintage hardware and some of the door handles have thumb latches. These doors also have 3 heavy brass hinges on each door.** That is cobwebs on the door...not dirt or scratches.

Once we picked up the doors....a mere 4 miles from our house....we realized that these doors were nearly new AND each had solid brass kick plates on both sides and solid brass handles with push plates. The scrap brass alone will net 30- 40 bucks at the scrapper.

We plan to use two of doors on the bath house/soon to be potting shed. It will be great to swing open both doors and open up the potting shed when it is in use. Another two doors will be used in the basement and one will be used on the barn loft.

I left the best for last......they were FREE!!!!!!!!!