Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hotter Than the Hubs of Hell

We scored the doors. We are 2 for 2 when it came to our last two great finds.

Not only were the doors in perfect shape but the entire drive to and from took exactly 1 uneventful hour. No traffic jams, no traffic detours, or bad GPS information. Drove there, looked at doors, put doors in truck, and then drove home.

One thing that we did notice on the drive there were all the storm damaged trees. According to the owner of the doors this was the result of the storm that went through last week during the Back to the Bricks Cruise. I posted how the storm siren was blaring but the sky was sunny except to the north where the sky was rather dark. I did not notice any structural damage on our drive and it appeared to us that it was mostly tree damage.

I forgot to take a photo of the doors...oops!!! I will do that tomorrow and then add it to this post.

Tomorrow's forecast is for rain later in the day. We are keeping our fingers crossed because number 1... we need the rain and number two...I need a cloudy day to finish picking up all the limbs and debris that we cut down along the front fence row last weekend.

The clean up has been slow due to the extreme heat. It's been hotter than the hubs of hell. The clean up area is in the sun and close to the asphalt street which seems to reflect a lot of heat. Just walking out to the street has been exhausting in this heat.

Last Saturday while R was at the track with G, I was able to get all the fence posts and the top rail on one side painted and most of the top rail on the other side painted. I have about 20 feet of top rail left to paint. Hopefully it will be cloudy tomorrow and I can finish painting. This would leave just the chain link to paint and I plan on doing that this fall with a full size roller.

After the top rail is painted and we have finished picking up the debris I will review my list and see what we accomplished. To be truthful I kind of forgot what was on the list so I won't peek and look at it now because I know I will just be disappointed in our progress.

I'll just do a Lindsey Lohan and refuse to take the blame for the slow progress. What would Lindsey say?

"It was too hot" (make sure you whine when you say that).

"The branches had thorns and picky thingies on them." "Ouch" (whine again).

"Who ever cut the branches left them too long." (Again Lindsey never takes the blame so I shouldn't either).

"It was too hot AND dusty." (Lindsey's excuses are feeble, so mine will also be feeble).

"I didn't know it would take this long to clean up." Waaa Waaaa!