Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vintage Paver Bricks

Thanks to Craigslist I was able to score some City of Flint vintage paver bricks for my driveway project.According to my calculations I will need 144 paver blocks to give me a 36 inch strip of bricks across my driveway just like at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Yesterday I was able to pick up 117 but the lady I bought them from said she has 27 more she will give me.

The seller at one time lived on Prospect Street in Flint and found them buried out by the street in her front yard. Some have a little asphalt on them but I am sure I can clean that off with a little elbow grease.I was surprised at how heavy they were to pick up. I am guessing they weigh close to 10 pounds each. It is amazing that they have survived all these years through all the harsh winters we have here in Michigan.I should end up with a few extras because I already had 4 paver blocks and 1 Indy block. I am not really sure how we are going to make the cuts for the partial blocks. These blocks are nothing like the pavers you buy at Home Depot.The seller I was buying them from was selling them because she needed the money to pay her property taxes. I paid $100 for 144 bricks. I bet if she would have thrown the bricks into the back of a truck and went down to the Back to the Bricks car cruise last week that she could have sold them for 5 to 10 buck a piece. Then the buyer could mount their metal commemorative dash plaque on it. But I'm glad she didn't think of that and that I was able to purchase a little piece of downtown Flint for my driveway.

Here is a photo of the block that started it all. The Culver Block from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The inscription says W.C. Co., Culver Block, Pat May 21 1901.Interesting articles found on the Internet about the Culver Block.

3.2 million pavers originally were laid to make the IMS track.
Paver brick article