Monday, May 21, 2012

Finishing this project is taking too long

Several days ago we ran out of cap pieces for the retaining wall along the driveway and behind the mailbox.  We went back to the Home Depot where we originally purchased the blocks and caps.  Only 7 remained and we purchased those pieces.

We then continued with the project and soon came to a stop when we needed more caps.  So the next day I went to the Home Depot in Fenton,  Mi.  They had 6 pieces, so I put those on a cart and went to a check out lane.

The cashier rang the pieces up for $1.00 more than what I had been paying.  I informed her that they were $1.52 each but she assured me I was wrong.  It was hot and there was a long line behind me so I left with my over priced caps.

Today we went back to the first Home Depot and they still were out of stock on the caps.  R hunted down an orange aproned associate, which is ironic because when you don't need one they are constantly bugging you.  She called around and verified that they did not have any.  I showed her my receipt from the other store and she said the clerk had charged me for another style of cap and not the one I purchased.  So now I hope they believe me when I show them my receipt and say, "they overcharged me."  I saved another receipt that shows I purchased the correct style.

While at the original Home Depot we noticed that the pallet said "Grand Blanc Cement Products".  Hmmmm could they have purchased these blocks from there?  So off to Grand Blanc Cement Products.  Once there, we needed to hunt down a sales clerk.  R shows her the cap we are looking for and she says we don't make those.  R tells her about the pallet.  She says "they are using our pallets."  Great another dead end.

So off to yet another Home Depot.  Lo and behold they have them in stock for the correct price of $1.52.  As we lay the last cap on the starts to rain.  Unbelievable.

We have some of the caps glued in place.  We used an adhesive in a caulking tube that is made by Loctite and is used for cement and stone.  The first tube glued 10 caps.
Tomorrow is mowing day so Wednesday is the next day to work on the wall and with any luck we will finish it.