Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flood Update

Within 3 days, the creek water had retreated back to it's banks but it left in it's wake a big mess.  It will be weeks before we can walk on the lawn to pick up the twigs and branches.
Missy, the peacock, was gone for 2 days following the intense rain.  I have no idea where she was hunkered down at but when she showed up at her feed bowl...she was not happy.  You could just tell that her routine was messed up and this gal loves her routine which is eat some bugs, eat some seeds, visit the neighbors, keep the cats away from her water bowl, eat some bugs, take an afternoon nap in the sun, eat some bugs.
She's happier now that she can walk around the back yard eating bugs and worms.  Notice the high water marks on the trees.

In between rain storms we weed and mow the lawn.  We mow, it rains, it grows, we mow.  Repeat.

Last week I listed down tree wood for free on Craigslist.  So on Sunday they came and dragged the wood out of the pool.  We kept their phone number and will  call them later in the year when we cut down that leaning box elder tree.  We have enough cut wood for ourselves for the next decade so it is nice to have someone else come and pick it up.  We don't even need to cut it into small pieces.  They used a wench to drag the huge pieces into their trailer.

Until we get a stretch of dry weather we will continue to weed and trim.

Last Saturday I attended a cheese making class with my sister and niece in Ann Arbor.  OMG home made cheese is to die for and so easy and interesting to make.  We made several types of mozzarella.  One type involved making your mozzarella into a pouch which we then filled with grated mozzarella and heavy cream.  Then we tied it off.  The cream is absorbed into the cheese and OMG is it deleesh.

I bought a container of homemade cream cheese with bacon and scallions.  That was unbelievably good, too.

My sister and niece took me to a bubble tea place located within the college area of A2.  After taking 10 minutes for my sister to parallel park...I was thirsty or maybe sea sick from going in reverse and then forward and then reverse and then forward. Thank goodness she left that 3 foot space next to the curb for me to get out.  I could have tripped over the curb if she had gotten TOO close.  LOL

I had no idea what bubble tea was or is or tastes like or what is even in bubble tea.  I ordered mine and they handed it to me along with a straw.  I looked at the straw and thought to myself  "that's a frigging big straw."  I then started to walk away from the counter sipping at the same time when I nearly choked.  I had no idea there were little round gummie balls in the bottom of the drink glass.

The round thingies look like salmon eggs.  I think in the future I'll pass on the bubble tea but I can now cross that off my list of things to try.

We then headed to Blimpe Burger for a burger.  Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives went there once for his TV show.  They make a double hamburger with a fried egg on it.  I passed on the egg but the burger was very very good.  Onion rings....not so much.

Here is a quick photo that I snapped of my burger.  It's a double on pumpernickel, with ketchup, mustard, pickle, onion, and green olives. 
This photo is of the location.  It's the little tiny place where the car is parked.  I swear that most people's living rooms are larger than this place.

As we headed out of Ann Arbor we stopped one last time at Whole Foods.  I'll admit it...I was a Whole Foods virgin.  This is just my opinion.  It's a nice place but who could shop there every week???  It's sooooo expensive.  Check Whole Foods off my To Do List.