Friday, May 18, 2012

Mailbox in place

We finished up the mailbox installation today.  The numbers that I bought for the post all needed to be trimmed down on each side so that they fit in the recessed area of the post.  R used aviation shears to cut the aluminum plates that I purchased the other day.  They are made of aluminum so that should make them maintenance free, which is what we are going for in this mailbox/post installation.
Next on the list is the retaining wall behind the mailbox post.  We picked the basic grey stacking blocks at Home Depot.  Nothing special just basic grey.  It will probably require two rows and then the flat cap piece.  The landscaping plan is to plant something hardy, maybe Autumn Joy sedum and fill with small rocks.  Planting anything delicate would be a waste of time and $$$$.  This area gets LOTS of sun, heat, snow, and winter salt.  I've had good luck with Autumn Joy around the pillars so I guess you could say they are tried and true.

Might even add some day lilies for summer color.  I have some of the day lilies plants from R's childhood home.  They might contrast nicely with the post because they are very tall and pale yellow.  Plus, they are an older variety which is more age appropriate.  
Now off to bed.  The plan is to try and get two entire rows installed tomorrow.