Friday, May 4, 2012

100 Year Rain Event

.....and more on the way.

The Gear is on high ground and probably on the highest elevation in Grand Blanc so it should be dry.  Unfortunately our other house is located next to a creek so it looks like we have lake front property.

See the little ducks swimming their little feathery butts off?
Here are some Canada geese trying to decide which puddle to jump in.....the big one or the even bigger one.

It has only flooded once before in the 24 years that we have owned this house.  It was from a rain event associated with a hurricane that hit the east coast.  The water took two days to recede and return to it's banks but the lawn took a month to dry out and even longer for the stinky silt to go away.  PLUS the amount of debris you have to pick up is huge.  You get all the broken tree limbs and cut wood that people store by the edge of the creek.  Then there are the various fast food Styrofoam cups, miscellaneous plastic, and basically anything that floats and ends up left behind.

Off to the post office.  I have to rethink my route and make sure I avoid all low areas.  They have closed I75 and I69 because of flooding.

With more rain in the forecast.....I'm going to go out on a limb and say things will be wet.