Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Mail Box Post

We were finally able to get around to continuing the new mail box post installation. 
The 4 X 4 post has had plenty of time to set up so we were ready to move on and slide the molded black plastic mailbox post over the 4 X 4.  It went on nicely and fits snug. So good.
Next we attached the arm that will hold the mail box.  Screws and decorative plastic caps were included.
Looking good...except that it now has dusty fingerprints ALL over it.  I'll give it a good wash after we are through with the installation.  This mailbox post is made by the Mayne Company.  They make several versions in white, black, and tan.  They also make planters and window boxes.  We liked the black verssion because it matched the wrought iron driveway gates.

Tomorrow we will install the mail box and add house numbers to the mail box post.  Then comes the hard part...landscaping around the bottom of the post.  Notice the elevation change, so that will require building a retaining wall.

Also tomorrow we will be able to toss that ugly mailbox post into the burning pit.  This new post will never need painting unlike the old post that required a yearly coat of paint thanks to the snow plow snow blasting it every winter.