Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ran out of rocks and energy just about the same time.  You just can't plan it any better than that.
We finished putting the remaining rocks under the roses.  We will need at least another 1/2 yard of rocks but we can do that at any time because once the rocks make it to The Gear, the process goes fairly fast.  Now getting the rocks to The Gear is another story.  R has to drive very slow since the weight of the stones maxes out the capacity of the truck.  He makes sure they place the rocks/stones slightly in front of the rear axle.  The S10 already has 450K miles on it and we probably should not overload it because at anytime it could decide it's the last mile.
While listening to the later laps of the Nationwide race, we continued our ongoing weeding of the large hosta bed along the fence row.  Earlier in the spring we weeded the large hosta bed in the middle of the circle drive. So that leaves only one more hosta bed in the side yard left to weed.  It's a small bed and shouldn't take too long.
The hostas are getting to the point where they are considered mature and have their true characteristics.  I moved several today because they were next to a hosta that was too alike in color or size.  I found a small very blue pointy leaf hosta called Flemish Sky in the back of the bed where it could not be seen.  I had a bare spot in front of a chartreuse large hosta so I move it there for the contrast.

We have about half of the bed weeded.  We should finish up tomorrow unless it rains or if the temperature really get to 93 degrees we might not finish.  It is in the shade but 93 is hot, but then again I want to listen to the Indy 500 on the radio and weeding doesn't make any noise.  Well, maybe a little noise because every time I stand up straight I say..."Oh my back hurts.  I'm getting old."