Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saw Dust and Paint Chips

Every couple of months we have to stop and reorganize the back room which is ground zero for all the wood cutting and storage.  We were spending far too much time looking for tools, wood, and moving stuff out of the way so we could cut long pieces of wood.

R started by rearranging the wood pile and sorting out pieces of wood that were either too small or too damaged (reclaimed wood) to be of any use.On the other hand, I was in charge of saw dust and paint chip retrieval and disposal.  That's fancy smancy talk for I pushed a broom.

The work room cleaning was also necessary because we have decided to make our own brackets and corbels for the kitchen.  I found a great Etsy shop that makes brackets, corbels, and shelves for the kitchen. After a BUNCH of emails back and forth with Kevin, the seller, I realized that what I wanted and needed will have to be made here on site.  Check out Kevin's Etsy shop because he was great to work with and was very accommodating.  I just love the shelf that he has in his banner.  I am hoping to incorporate that shelf somewhere cause "I just have to have it!"

I realized that I haven't shown the paint scraping progress.  The three doors have all had their jambs completely scraped.  One door is scraped on both sides and I still need to do the other two doors.

The walls are in very good condition EXCEPT for that one hole in the last photo.  It is a perfect rectangle and it's just a guess but I think that maybe an old thermostat was installed there at one time.

It was a beautiful day today and the Detroit Tigers won today on Opening Day in Detroit.