Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cedar shingles=slivers in your fingers

The last two days have been spent hanging cedar shingles on the shed.  It's a slow process made even slower by the fact that we are using a mixture of left over and used shingles.  So to cover as much area as possible, I need to make sure I do not waste any to the cutting room floor.

But I knew the day would come when I would need to buy another bundle of shingles and that day is tomorrow.  They won't go to waste but I just am not in the mood to drive to the other side of the county to buy a bundle.

We still need to put a second layer of shingles under the threshold and then shingle the area to the left of the doors.  It took us two days to shingle the right side of the doors so I can assume it will take us more than a day to complete the left side.

I have several fingers that have slivers in them and it is driving me crazy.  The slivers are real tiny and I'm having a difficult time removing them.  I also broke two fingernails today......moment of silence, please.  R says I should wear gloves but I find them cumbersome and they just get in the way.

Money spent today.

Shingles (used and left over shingles) $0.00


  1. Good to see that you're able to get the shingles on the front, hopefully the Michigan weather will hold til you get done.

    Maybe one of these methods will help with removing your slivers:


  2. I used to wear the nice deerskin gloves, because they were snug and form-fitting, but I wore through them pretty fast. This summer I just used the nylon knit gloves with the nitrile palms and fingers and they afforded just the right amount of protection without being too cumbersome. Western Safety at Harbor Freight. Do they have HF in your neck of the woods? Bummer about the splinters. Hope you can resolve that soon!


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