Friday, November 22, 2013

Put a fork in it?

ahhhhhh....don't pick that fork up just yet.

We are just about ready to call it quits on the shed until spring.  We came close today but ran out of daylight due to a late start.  Let me explain.

The other day we purchased a new washer and dryer for the Torrey Rd house.  Our house has Bosch front loaders but we needed to replace the washer and dryer set before selling Torrey Rd.  I noticed a sale price in the newspaper and we scored a set of Amana brand for slightly more than $500.00.

That left us with needing to make a scrap run to dispose of the old set.  R got up early and headed off to the scrap yard.  He added a small dorm size fridge to his haul that he found out to the curb on his way out of town. The night before he also added several small pieces that he's been waiting to scrap.

He arrived at the scrap yard and as he was unloading the washer and dryer he mentioned to the yard guy that they still worked.  There was someone who was already unloading who heard him tell the yard guy that they worked.  He came over and gave R the phone number of someone who buys old appliances that still work for 20 bucks each.  R called the person right then and there.  10 minutes later he met the guy in the parking lot.  Bing bang boom....$40 richer plus the scrap money of $26=$66.00

In the meantime, I am home getting ready to drop some stuff off at Goodwill when the doorbell rings. It's a man asking about the old elementary school desk that was sitting next to my SUV.  He wanted to know if it was for sale.  I said 'sure'.  He asked if '10 will do it' and I say 'sure'.  I then asked him what he was going to do with it.  He said his grandson had just started preschool and he was helping him with his homework. HOMEWORK!!!!  in preschool?  Sheesh

Well anyways....not too shabby of a day.  10 bucks for a school desk that was found in the trash and 66 bucks for scrap.  Annette once said that it was great to have fiscal neutral projects BUT I have to say I love these money makers too.

So by the time R returned home and we stopped off at Home Depot to return 56 bucks worth of leaf guards, it was mid afternoon and already starting to get dark.

The first thing we did when we got home was to rip some door stop off of an old fir 2X4 from our stash. Halfway  through ripping I notice that the plug on the heavy duty extension cord is starting to smoke.  I begin to yell at R, but he is hard of hearing from his racing days and instead of stopping he continues and just gives me the evil eye for interrupting him.  It then bursts into flames about 3 inches high.  I can't get to it because I am blocked in behind the saw because I was guiding the long pieces as they came off the table saw.  Once I saw the flames I had to get him to stop before the saw dust caught on fire.  Basically, I had to go ape @#$% to get him to look up.  I then made the universal symbol for stop or shut off by waving my hand back and forth in front of my neck.  He then shuts off the saw and said "what is your problem?"  I was freaking out.  I said " extension cord!!!"  Again, remember he is hard of hearing so he says "what?"  I'm losing it by this time, so I just start knocking stuff over so I can get to it.

The flames have finally stopped but there is enough smoke to catch his attention.  We have no idea why it caught on fire but it was our newest extension cord.   Sheesh.  No pun intended but once the smoke cleared we finished ripping and then proceeded outside to the shed.

We installed the sliding bolt at the top and bottom of the stationary door.  That went off without a hitch. 

Then we measured for the door stops and installed those pieces. 

We finished up the day by installing the astragal, which we ripped off when we ripped the door stop pieces.

By this's starting to get dark so we were unable to finish the door locking mechanism install.

Run down on yesterday and today's costs.

Door handle (reused from a removed door in the house)  $0.00
Door stops and astragal  $0.00
Sliding bolts (2 types) -$9.57
Sale of desk +$10.00
Scrap yard money +$26.00
Sale of appliances +$40.00
Return of leaf guards to HD +$56.00

Total for the two days +$122.43

Oh wait, I forgot that yesterday I made a hardware run for 6 screws @.06 for a total of 38 cents including tax.

Revised total for the two days +$122.05

Not too shabby.


  1. The shed is looking good. It's always nice to make some money without really trying. Concerning the extension cord, you could check the Consumer Product Safety Commission to see if it might have been recalled.

  2. Alex...thanks. I threw the cord into the scrap bin so I'll check and see if it's on the list.


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