Sunday, November 10, 2013

Will this project EVER end?

Oh was it cold outside.  The wind was brutal.  We made a quick trip to Home Depot to purchase another piece of eave trough and I also picked up a couple of extra hangers in a moment of doubt.

The eave trough went up fairly quickly despite the cold.  We use pop rivets to attach the downspout. Screws have a pointy end that protrudes into the downspout and it can catch small pieces of debris and the end result is a clog.  The pop rivet on the other hand isn't any more than a small bump when it is installed.  I also like the look of a pop rivet compared to a screw.

We ran out of small, white rivets before we could attach the short piece of downspout to the elbow.  So basically on the short list of things to do to wrap up the shed project for the winter is.....
1. Attach a short piece of downspout to the elbow.
2. Install the leaf guards on the gutter.
3. Sand the doors so that they operate smoothly.
4. Install the astragal.
5. Install the door handle and other door hardware.
6. Cut a piece of trim to go under the threshold.
7. Install door stop trim pieces.

The majority of that work can be done inside the shed out of the elements.  Since most of this work is a one person job, I'll be back to more paint scraping.  But first I need to pick up some more leaves before the trash guys come on Tuesday.

Money spent today

Eave trough and 3 hangers  $16.40